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Yeowch for the ER Bill

October 8th, 2012 at 09:22 am

We just got the final total bill for Voldemort's visit to the ER last month. Over a thousand dollars! I could cry.

The man is unhappy, because he says what's the point in having insurance if it doesn't actually HELP with the bills. I'm not upset, because it's an ER visit and I expected it to be expensive.

The good news is that medical bills can usually be negotiated a bit - here, if you pay off the whole thing, they give a discount. That's not going to possible with this one, as paying off all of it would wipe out our entire emergency fund, and NO. Fortunately, they will set up a payment plan. As soon as I get a chance to call them. Which is difficult, as they're open 8-4, and I work 7:30-4:30. Argh.

But yikes. And here I thought we might have a little extra money this month to put aside for winter break travel.

1 Responses to “Yeowch for the ER Bill”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Ouch. Yes, trips to the ER lead to far more expensive bills than most other medical care, but when it is an emergency there are not a lot of other options! Insurance at least softens the blow, that is for sure. Good luck with getting that paid off quickly.

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