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Made It!

April 21st, 2006 at 08:54 am

The money from half.com just showed up in my bank account, so thats $50 closer to the car bill.

And then! Yesterday, out of the blue, my mom sent me a check for clothes of mine she had taken to consignment - $100

Plus a pinecone survey check - $5



we got lucky this month, i know, because i worked out a deal with Atmos, but i still have to pay the Xcel bill.

Plus, pry the credit card out of the husband's hands..which i did a month ago, but then he ran out of cash and located the card in my drawer. but, really, here's what i cant figure..

I drive to denver (an hour and some trip) once a week.

Brandus works 2 blocks from our apartment.

And yeah, he drives a larger car that takes more gas than mine..but how is he spending $160 a month in gas...when i only spend $80?

Learning Curve

April 14th, 2006 at 11:14 am

Brandus, who will admit he is awful with money, has a credit card.

It has his name on it.

It is an account in my name. We got it for gas, originally, and we have had MANY conversations over the use of the word "emergency."

"Honey, you asked me to get milk!"

No, you said, do you need anything? and i said, we're out of milk. Do you have money?

And he has improved in leaps and bounds. Last month even, he didnt use it at all!

But now, he's creeping back up there. And not on groceries. On STUPID STUFF. we've discussed the fact we still need another $100 or so to make ends meet this month. He knows. He DOES.

So, when i get the alert online that the card has been used, why is it always for fast food, AND FOR STUPID "TRIALS" THAT HE NEVER REMEMBERS TO CANCEL?

Columbia House Video has charged us twice! TWICE! At $25 a pop! And I cant call and cancel, because the account for the trial isnt in my name. And its not just this once!

Its making me CRAZY. He has his own damn credit card, and he KNOWS he is supposed to use it for crap like this. SO I WONT ACCIDENTLY KILL HIM IN HIS SLEEP.

A Little Closer

April 14th, 2006 at 10:52 am

Deposited $108 bucks into checking last night.

$40 - tutoring
$5 - pinecone survey
$63 - closed savings account

So, we're now only $60 from paying the car bill this month. WHOO.

Im waiting for $49 from half.com book/dvd sales, and we're hoping for another $40 from tutoring today.

Three more weeks until Brandus can get a part time job! And only five weeks until his summer student loans come in!

We might just make it, yet. WITHOUT me having to call my dad for help. YAY.


April 10th, 2006 at 01:10 pm

Just got emails from half.com.

Lost S1 has sold for $30.17
Joan of Arcadia S1 has sold for $24.99

Still need to list some of the "loose" (ie, not box set) dvds..like, Robin Hood and The Secret Garden. They're only going for about $7 each, but hey, every little bit counts. Plus, if we really get desperate, we can sell the GameCube. We bought it used, and we play it, but the money would come in handy..

Everything sold is going towards the remaining half (plus late part) of the car payment, which adds up, with late fees, to $260ish.



$260-55.16 leaves only $204.84.

i WILL make this whole payment this month. *glowers in concentration*

Havent had a chance to do more than glance over my art supplies, so that still needs to be done.

A Little Extra

April 10th, 2006 at 11:56 am

In fabulous news, my boss has agreed to compensate my time, starting two weeks ago, to the base pay Manager's pay.

Am I the manager? No.

Im the manager's assistant. and ive been doing my job AND the manager's job since the manager left.

Im hoping for a raise to at least $12.00 a hour, even if its just for this month. Right now, i make $10.70, which isnt bad, but that extra hundred or so would be such a huge help with bill paying.

We've been pricing things for Alaska. ACK.

The principal told us to wait until we got to Anchoridge before buying any of our major needs - but, if we do that, then we miss the good sales, and will spend more in the long run.

But we dont get the signing bonus until we get there..and we dont have any extra money to get outfitted at the moment.

Gah. Decisions, decisions.

Free Movies

April 7th, 2006 at 01:50 pm

I love the first friday of the month.

Almost four months ago, we discovered that the library was starting a film discussion group.

The movie is FREE (and on a big screen), snacks are FREE, and then there is a discussion after the movie.

We enjoy it so much, we are part of the organization commitee. which means we get to help pick the movies!

This month, we're watching Touch of Evil.

Looking forward to it!

Future Perfect

April 7th, 2006 at 11:20 am

In less then four weeks, brandus will be finished with his classes!

This means, in four weeks, he will again be EMPLOYED!! Oh happy day.

Im not teaching this year, due to severe burnout at the end of last year, and then came the joy of budget cuts. So, ive been answering phones and various admin type jobs, which has been fine.

But, at the end of last year, we talked about the fact he had practicum and student teaching this year, as well as finishing up his Master's classes, and we decided there was no way he could work AND do school full time+

And, we decided that we could live on my income and student loans, if we cut back some.

We did cut back, but not enough, and i wasnt tracking the credit cards well enough, so when we hit the credit limit on the discover card, it was a very bad shock.

we cut back further, and did ok. but then brandus needed supplies for school, and new clothes for teaching, and with one thing and another, we've run out of student loan money for the semester.

But! Four weeks! Four weeks and he is FINISHED! and he can become employed, and i can stop having panic attacks every month.

I keep reminding myself, we just need to get to August. Because we get our signing bonuses for Alaska ($3500 each) to outfit ourselves for the experience. Plus, our paychecks will be HEFTY. And we can start by paying off the credit cards! and brandus's car! and student loans! and SAVING.

At some point, i AM going to post the Alaska budget, but at the moment, it still needs alot of tweaking.

So far, the only thing we have a ballpark on is the cost of housing. We have a two bedroom, fully furnished apartment with utilities paid, including high speed wireless internet.

For $500 a month.


April 6th, 2006 at 11:06 am

I get so frustrated with my husband.

Im in charge of the finances, because he cant be trusted with a checkbook, which he will freely admit to. We did a trial joint account when we first moved in together, and things ended badly.

I try to keep him involved, we go over how much we have, what our bills are, etc, but i SWEAR he has no concept.

I have drained my personal savings account, my personal checking account, my savings bonds, all in an effort to get us ahead.

His parents send "us" some money, and he buys dinner and toys.

We still need an extra $200 to get through this month, but hey! we have a replica of the Harry Potter sorting hat!


Slow Start

April 5th, 2006 at 10:16 pm

Didnt make it to the bank today to drop in my piggy bank money. it was after five by the time i got off of work, so i stopped by walmart to pick up some bread and milk, and then headed off to do laundry.

$5 for two loads, washing, about $1.50 for drying. I usually dont dry, but we had so much to wash that it would have been very difficult to drag that much wet stuff back up to the apartment.

Listed some of the dvd sets on half.com. Lost s1 is up for a little over $30, and Joan of Arcadia is up to $29. plus some random books. all of which would be a very helpful addition at this point.

bought some batteries for the digital camera today as well. over the weekend, im going to start trying to clean out my art room and some of my art supplies. i cant drag them all up to Alaska anyway, and the rubber stamps can bring in some good money.

still have to do the menu plan for the next two weeks, and go grocery shopping.

Still have to call comcast. we dont have cable, but we do have internet, which brandus needs for class. we just need to get back on the promo price, and it will be a little easier.

we arent doing too bad, actually, i just panicked some today when i went to pay the xcel and atmos bills. usually, i wouldnt worry, but the student loan money for this semester is gone, and we still have two more months before his summer check comes through.

April Budget

April 5th, 2006 at 01:25 pm

This month is tighttighttight.

I got paid $1140.00 on Friday, and its gone already. We had some extra in the account, but only a couple of hundred. So, assume $1300 to start.

through experience, ive learned to go ahead and deal with groceries and gas, or else we end up with insane charges on the credit card. then rent, then car payment, then everything else.

Discover was head hunting, so i paid the minimum for this month and last month on Friday, because we couldnt scrape enough together last month. Wave goodbye to $253.

So, I spent $204 at Walmart on Monday - the extra four was for sun burn stuff, i got a really bad one on Saturday. But $80 of that is for my gas (Brandus pays for his own), and $120 for groceries this month. Last month we had a little left over on the gift card, which i forgot to take into account.

Then rent is due today, which is $650.

Half of car payment went out, at $190. we owe another $190, as well as $85, which is late fee plus what we couldnt pay last month.

Tmobile was a nice surprise at $17.00, so that's been taken care of.

Comcast, Atmos, and Xcel, and the car insurance are still outstanding bills, and im not sure how we're going to come up with the money to pay them.

Current Planning:

Brandus is tutoring, plus his parents sent some money, so that will help. We have about $50 left in the savings account, and i just pushed the last $25 out of my personal savings account.

Will post on current schemes in a little while, once Ive gone through books and movies to see what can be sold, either through half.com or ebay.

Wish me luck.

Like I Need a New Hobby

April 5th, 2006 at 12:23 pm

This is, technically, my third blog. I have Silverspiral.net. as well as the livejournal.

Family reads those though, and im not comfortable talking about my money situation with them.

they might offer to send me something, and that would make me uncomfortable.

Anyway, in August, we (being myself and Brandus, the husband) move to Alaska for a year to live and teach in a fishing village. We're both very excited.

The pay is very good, so i want some way to track ourselves as we dig out of dept that way.

At the moment, brandus is student teaching, as well as finishing up his Masters, so we are living on my income, which isnt much. And, with having to pay our normal bills, as well as prepare for our artic adventure, things are going to be tight.

to say the least.

so, im going to try and track expenses here, as well as have a place to rant about brandus using the credit card, or ask for help finding cheaper internet service.

I have to swing by Olive Garden today, and see if they are hiring hostesses.

otherwise, we're not going to make brandus's car payment this month.

I cleaned out the piggy bank this morning, and will be depositing $14 or so in the checking account this afternoon. Thank goodness I already bought our grocery and gas walmart cards. at the very least, we will eat today.