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Debt Roundup

November 2nd, 2007 at 10:14 am

Quick credit card roundup, just for tracking purposes

We HAD the Discover paid off in full and were just using the USAA card. However, the USAA card is an American Express card, and so not everywhere takes it. Which doesnt work when we've just discovered that our insurance doesn't cover well baby visits or immunizations - which we dont know until AFTER two visits.


Discover: $460 - should take 2 months
USAA: $10,770 - I transferred all balances over to this card last month

We have an Old Navy card too, which needs to be paid off. But, it looks like the online access has been changed, and I cant figure out how to get into my account. This is wildly annoying.

However, last month's statement, which is wrong, says $205. We'll go with that.

Total cc debt: $11,435


Basic: $75 - this is short term, immediate access type funds - like, if we suddenly notice we overspent. This had more, but money for this past month's doctor visit had to come from somewhere.

Ing: $492 - there is $200 direct deposited everymonth

Emg: $647 - this is my personal account, and i dont want to have to use it for moving or whatnot, but i want it included as EF

Total savings: $1214

Yeah. Thats just a little lopsided, dont you think?

1 Responses to “Debt Roundup”

  1. Stein Says:

    We had the well baby issue a few years back. Our doctor reminded us that when we make the appointment, if there is anything wrong at the time, mention that and it won't be a well baby visit. We had several visits to check on a cough, runny nose etc and just happened to get the 3 month checkup and shots at the same time.

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