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Trying to Plan Ahead

December 29th, 2006 at 08:54 pm

*clutches brain*

I was just writing a very long, involved post about trying to budget ahead for this summer, and realized that i was lost reading it. there is no chance anyone else would have understood it if i cant!

so, starting over again!

Due to where we live and the fact that I am pregnant, i will have to find a place to stay in Anchorage for about a month and a half. the doctor says I cant fly after 36 weeks, and health insurance WILL NOT help pay for room and board.

I know they wont. Because I asked. And then asked again. And then looked really confused, put on a poor pitiful expression, and asked again.

So, from about April 5th to about May 20th (ish. baby is due May 8th or so, and we wont want to get back on a plane right away), I have to find a place to stay.

a furnished place to stay. with room for my mother. for a decent price and in a nonscary part of town.

i dont even know where to start. the extended stay hotels are still really expensive, sublets for that time arent going to show up on craigslist yet, and i dont KNOW anyone in Anchorage who I can beg a bedroom off of.

any other ideas?




then, we have to budget for this. mom is coming to stay with me, because Brandus will still be teaching, and i dont want to be by myself, 9 months pregnant, in a strange city. it is very highly possible that Mom and Daddy will pick up half to all of the cost of wherever we stay, but i cant and wont depend on that.

but, i dont even know what to predict for that kind of stay. should i guess $800 a month, which is about how much most rentals are? should i estimate out how much an extended stay place would be, just to be on the safe side?

should i run away screaming? pick up a stranger in a bar and tell them im their long lost sister?

im so confused!

5 Responses to “Trying to Plan Ahead”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Calm down, hon. How about looking at it from a different perspective? Why can't you go and stay with your mother instead? You'd be moving to a place with a built in support system for your last month of pregnancy and you wouldn't have to pay out for it. You wouldn't be alone in a strange city because your parents would be right there. And your husband could fly down the week you were due. That's sort of what we did. I stayed with my folks for the last month of my first pregnancy while my DH was working up in the North Slope oil fields. He didn't make it home in time for the birth, but honestly my mother was of more use in the delivery room than my DH would have been (I know, they were both there for my second delivery), but he was with me five days later and was of much more use then.

    Alternatively, you could ask your doctor to be induced at 36 weeks, when it is safe for the baby to be born. Now whether or not he would do this is anyone's guess. Doctor's have funny ideas sometimes, but some will. I wouldn't be comfortable with that but my sister did it. Of course, hers was a scheduled C section 4 weeks early, so it may differ for that reason.

    Can you get from your home to Anchorage by boat? Is that even a remote possibility so you could go to Anchorage one week before your due date instead?

    A month in Anchorage for a furnished apartment is going to run probably around $1500. Take a normal rent and double it. People say Anchorage is expensive but its ridiculously expensive.

    My option of choice would be the first one. It is the most practical and least expensive.

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    LuckyRobin makes a great deal of sense!

  3. tinapbeana Says:

    if you absolutely have to stay somewhere, possibly check into 'youth hostels' in the area. i don't know if there are any, but i would imagine a place like anchorage gets enough late teen early 20s tourists that it's a definite possibility. typically they are much less expensive than traditional hotels, sometimes they include room & board...

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Lucky Robin nailed it with the suggestion of going to stay with your mom IMO. I was thinking that before even reading the responses.

    You have to have the baby away from home anyway...so does it matter if it is/isnt in Anchorage? I think everyone would feel more comfortable if you were in a familiar place.

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