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Energy Bills and Moving

December 15th, 2006 at 04:09 pm

Alrighty, so, something equally insane to the car payment (in earlier post) seems to have happened to our last Colorado xcel energy bill.

We called and cancelled it. Informed them that we would be out by July 20, and were.

On Sept 1, I got a bill (dated August 7, btw) for $90.02.

I emailed, asking if this was a new charge, or if this was for July. If it was for July, sure, Ill pay it, we lived there.

Nope, the bill hadnt been turned off, and I would need to have the landlord contact them to verify we were out when we said we were, so they could bill the landlord instead.

No problem, the landlord is a bank, and they like us, because we actually paid our rent.

So, you would think that the $90.02 bill would go down. Or even disappear, wouldnt you? After all, we werent there, charges made after we moved we going to be applied towards the landlord's bill...this, to me, says that whatever our final bill is, it will be less than $90.02.

Wrong. I FINALLY got the latest notice from them.

Final bill?



ETA: HA! They added some random $75 deposit. They didnt even realize until I emailed them.

Final bill: $82.42

Still not fabulous, but better than over a hundred!

1 Responses to “Energy Bills and Moving”

  1. Amber Says:

    God for you, on following up. Most people would simply pay the bill

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