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Coin by Coin

December 3rd, 2006 at 06:33 pm

My husband leaks coins.

I have no idea what he does, but everyday, I find anywhere from a few cents to almost a dollar in coins, usually near his chair or on the floor where he changes clothes.

So, I scoop them up and dump them in my little piggybank.

Today, I counted.


Totally unfair. I just need two more cents!

*searches couch cushions*

ETA: HA! Found $1.89, bringing it up to $11.87

3 Responses to “Coin by Coin”

  1. asua Says:

    I think it's a notorious fact that males hate paying for things in exact change. They like using wads of cash to pay for something that's under a buck. What he needs is a good man-purse so he can put all his coins in. Something cool and manly.

  2. Lez Save $ Says:


    A man purse would be a great xmas gift! hahaha

    I dunno about males, but I like to pay with exact change. It shows that I can count. hahahah

  3. alianora Says:

    LMAO! I dont think I would ever get him to carry one! Mainly, Im fairly sure the coins just fall out of his pockets..my confusion is from where the coins COME from. We only have two stores, he isnt allowed to go more than once a week, twice if he needs something for his classroom.

    So, where does it all come from?!

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