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May 4th, 2006 at 09:01 am

I dont like my job. This is not a secret.

However, right now, as i am doing MY job (manager's assistant) AND the manager's job, im getting paid really well. About $14/hour.

But i HATE it. i have a hard time convincing myself to come in every morning. I have to talk myself into not just leaving after lunch.

and the ONLY reason i do it, is because we need the money with brandus in school and not working.

So, last night, after his VERY LAST CLASS in school (except for his comps, which are June 7), when brandus came home and said, "ok, im done, you can quit," i very nearly passed out.

i would still have to get another job, anything really, because bills are still needing to be paid..and brandus says he can get a job easy, even if its a delivery job..

im torn.

i HATEHATEHATE my job. HATE. the people here are INSANE - the former boss got in trouble with the big boss, because she went to get ice cream and didnt invite one of our co-workers. im so not kidding.

plus the fact that one of my co-workers threatened to dock my pay due to me checking my email..she goes for five smoke breaks a day, but god forbid i check my email.

plus the fact that i got in trouble yesterday from the Ice Cream Queen for not checking my mailbox and jumping to do her demands immediately. screw the fact that noone helps me do two jobs, or even tells me HOW.

But, at the same time, its good money. and its really not that difficult of a job. its just sucking away my will to live. or to not stab a coworker in the face with my pen.

*clutches hair* why did he offer this to me?! its not fair!

3 Responses to “Work”

  1. kashi Says:

    I have definitely been there (and not too long ago, either). It's really hard to go to work when you hate it. Since you're moving in August, though, and you're getting paid fairly well, you might want to take a deep breath before you quit on the spot (even though it's so tempting!!). Can you find a decent-paying temp job for the next three months? Will your sweetie find a job for the next three months? I don't think I'd quit unless I definitely had another job lined up. It's only three more months...time flies by so quickly...every time you think about how much you hate it, remember that it's only three months!!

  2. Ima Saver Says:

    i agree with kashi.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    It sounds like you are in a very toxic environment. I wouldn't stay if I had an out. I've worked in an environment like that long ago, and ended up with a stress induced ulcer, so not worth the higher pay. Line up a new job and get out. Something very simple and mindless might be good. Flipping burgers might pay less, but the stress reduction would be worth it and you wouldn't have to worry about the fact that you are leaving in a few months, fast food turnover is high anyway. And you usually get at least one comped meal, which will save money.

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