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Like I Need a New Hobby

April 5th, 2006 at 12:23 pm

This is, technically, my third blog. I have Silverspiral.net. as well as the livejournal.

Family reads those though, and im not comfortable talking about my money situation with them.

they might offer to send me something, and that would make me uncomfortable.

Anyway, in August, we (being myself and Brandus, the husband) move to Alaska for a year to live and teach in a fishing village. We're both very excited.

The pay is very good, so i want some way to track ourselves as we dig out of dept that way.

At the moment, brandus is student teaching, as well as finishing up his Masters, so we are living on my income, which isnt much. And, with having to pay our normal bills, as well as prepare for our artic adventure, things are going to be tight.

to say the least.

so, im going to try and track expenses here, as well as have a place to rant about brandus using the credit card, or ask for help finding cheaper internet service.

I have to swing by Olive Garden today, and see if they are hiring hostesses.

otherwise, we're not going to make brandus's car payment this month.

I cleaned out the piggy bank this morning, and will be depositing $14 or so in the checking account this afternoon. Thank goodness I already bought our grocery and gas walmart cards. at the very least, we will eat today.

1 Responses to “Like I Need a New Hobby”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    Welcome and I look forward to reading your adventures in the coming months

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