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Digging Our Way Out

October 26th, 2008 at 08:25 am

I'm feeling a little more optimistic today!

The check for Brandus' teaching license finally cleared (which messed up our budget for daycare costs, but oh well), which means the district finally sent in his application. When he called the licensing place, they said he should have it by mid November. HOPEFULLY, this means he should get his correct pay and all of his backpay for the past 3 months at the end of November paycheck. I'm not holding my breath, though - if he doesn't have it in hand and turned in to the district by the 15th, it won't count until the December paycheck.

I should be getting my first paycheck for the long term sub position at the end of this month, which should be over $1000, which will help a good bit.

And in REALLY good news, we canceled cable and land line ($70ish), reduced our cell phone minutes ($30), canceled brandus' unused xbox live subscription ($8), and found out our utility bill is down from $180 to $140 this month ($40) - that's $150 worth of bills I dont have to stress about paying next month!

1 Responses to “Digging Our Way Out”

  1. littlemama Says:

    You're doing great. Keep it up! Smile

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