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Forever and a Day

October 8th, 2008 at 09:23 am

It's been quite a while since Ive blogged over here..since well before we moved.

We've settled from Alaska to North Carolina, found a decent apartment and jobs.

Brandus is not liking his teaching job this year. Im not liking the fact that this comes out in yelling fits at me over stupid stuff.

Im REALLY not liking that they "lost" his license application at district office, and have been paying him as a first year teacher with his BS for the past two months.

Im subbing in second grade at the moment, which is fun most days, and exhausting all days.

The child is in daycare, which is spendy, but he loves it, they love him, and we think it's really good for him.

But, I do have a problem. Seeing as murder is a crime, is there ANYTHING I can do to deal with the man in my life whom I love very very much that is REFUSING to deal with the current financial issues we find ourselves in? He wont sit down and talk to me about where we are, doesnt want to look at numbers, and if I bring it up, there's a yelling fit on his end.

He's being an ostrich.

And yeah, we're getting paid a FRACTION of what we got paid in Alaska. Im not working an entirely steady job. He's getting shafted $500 a paycheck. i GET all that. But its the 8th of the month, and we're already down to $67, and he WILL NOT help me.

What the heck do I do? Im really starting to get cranky about it.

1 Responses to “Forever and a Day”

  1. homebody Says:

    Welcome back. I feel your pain. My DH didn't start cooperating until about 20 years into marriage! We made it to 30 this year.

    First thing is to get that application back in. Have a copy that the person who takes can sign that they took it or something. Call every other day to see how the process is coming along.

    As for DH, you may have to just take over. Put him on an allowance. Put yourself on one while you are at it. I had a tendency to think my spending was okay, but his wasn't, because I was the one managing everything.

    Look for an Aldi's. There are several in NC. I spent 6 weeks there, having arrived home just a few weeks ago, after welcoming and helping YD with my first grandchild.

    Start writing down every cent spent and look for ways to trim. Good luck!

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