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And Now Its Time for Good Idea/Bad Idea

January 20th, 2007 at 12:53 am

Or rather, the good and the bad.

The good is that Brandus made it into Anchorage tonight and will be depositing our $1800 health insurance reimbursement checks.

The bad is that this wasnt a planned trip.

Last night, we noticed that our male cat, Riddick, was having some urinary trouble. If you have cats, you'll know that this can be very serious, even life threatening.

So, we talked about it, and even though the trip would be expensive, we werent just going to stand by and let Riddick suffer.

So, Brandus packed up the checks, the checkbook, and the cat, and headed off to the plane.

Expensive? Yes. But..he's our boy. Out here, we would have no choices really, unless we wanted to borrow someone's shotgun if it didnt clear up. And Im not that brave.

Plus, Brandus strained/sprained/tore something in his chest (again!), and this gave me an excuse to bully him into getting it checked out properly.

So, if Brandus makes it to his own doctor, we'll get a chunk of the plane ticket cost back.

Here's hoping.

So, with pet related expenses, it does look like a good part of the reimbursement will go towards the cats and the ferret. And that's ok.

We were planning on using some of the money to buy a new cage for Juice, the ferret, and finally getting a kitty tower, because we had to leave the old one in Colorado. So, we'll just add these expenses in with those.

And hopefully, Riddick will come through all this fine, and only needing some medication.

2 Responses to “And Now Its Time for Good Idea/Bad Idea”

  1. scfr Says:

    Please make sure Brandus talks to the vet about Riddick's diet, and if the vet recommends a change have him pick up plenty of the new cat food while in Anchorage! Hopefully a change in diet will prevent any new urinary tract problems.

  2. alianora Says:

    Riddick has food allergies anyway. We can only use Iams or Science Diet, and those usually dont set off UTIs, so I dont know what happened! Thanks for the advice!

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